Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Graduation: check!

ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change

I didn't learn a bit of Spanish, but I still managed to get As in both of my community college courses.  I sent the official transcripts to ASU, and I just learned that they conferred my B.A. in Anthropology on August 5th.

In spite of this successful milestone and my continued interest in Archaeology, I have decided to suspend my pursuit of graduate studies in the field. Instead, I am re-focusing on my current profession, i.e., embedded software design and development.

The cold, hard truth is that my financial commitments cannot be met with the pay I will find in the social sciences, but working as an aerospace engineer will pay the bills.  I love archaeology, but I also love spaceflight and astronomy.  I am attending the University of North Dakota beginning this semester, working toward an M.S. in Space Studies.  I'm also encouraging my company (a relatively small engineering firm) to pursue work in the growing Commercial Space field, and hope to be a part of humanity's journey into the solar system.

If you want to keep up with me as I take a different path, you can follow me at my new Twitter account @ElevenPointTwo, or on my new blog, ElevenPoint2.

I'm not turning my back on Archaeology, just on a career in Archaeology.  I plan to stay active in the OAC, read papers that interest me regarding the American Southwest and/or Ancient Urbanism, volunteer at local digs when I can, and attend a conference now and then.  But it is definitely being re-classified as a hobby.

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